22.05.2019 - 01.09.2019

The Goethe-Institut presents a cross-exhibition by Alfred Ehrhardt (1901-1984), representative of the German photographic avant-garde that passed through the Bauhaus, and the Franco-German contemporary artist Isabelle Le Minh, who is working on the re-actualization of works by masters of photography. The "exercise of admiration" she carried out using Ehrhardt's crystals and minerals highlights the photographer's artistic and scientific approach, as well as the influence exerted on his work by the teachings of the Bauhaus. Through two series specially produced for the Goethe-Institut (Kristallklar and Cristallogrammes), she plays with the ambivalent character of photography, sometimes documentation, sometimes subjective construction, and sometimes with the crystals that are for Ehrhardt objects of study as well as supports of an aesthetic perception of the world.

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