Films from Givaudan Editions, 1966-1968



introduced by Philippe-Alain Michaud, curator of the cinema collections of the National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou

La Pomme ou l’histoire d’une pomme, Charles Matton, France, 1966, 12’45’’, nb, 16mm
Carte de vœux, Pierre Clémenti, France, 1968, 5’30’’, coul., 16mm
Ex-, Monroy, France, 1968, 4’, coul., 16mm
Homero Presto, Martial Raysse, France, 1968, 9’18’’, coul., 35mm
9 mai-9 juin, Jean-Pierre Prévost, France, 1968, extrait, nb, 16mm
Portrait minute A Apollinaire, Françoise Janicot, France, 1968, 3’, nb, 16mm
L’abolition de l’art, Alain Jouffroy, France, 1968, 14’, nb, 16mm
One more time, Daniel Pommereulle, France, 1968, 7’57’’, coul., 35mm

Photo: Daniel Pommereulle on the set of One more time by Claude Givaudan. © Alberto Ricci. Courtesy Soizic Audouard.

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