“It was through elimination that I ended up calling what I do sculpture. There was no other choice. I didn't want to call it "art" or "installation". I think it's great that Boris Groys said in his book "Le Post-scriptum communiste" that art that looks like art can't be art. For me, all the art of the commentary in which we are at the moment bores me. A lot of artists are just interpreting and revisiting with little nuances. It's art that looks like art, and since it was once art, it's bound to get away from it. So what is the non-art part of what I do? For the garbage cans for example, people tell me that they look too much like garbage cans. No. They are garbage, they can only look like what they are; that's my guarantee. I want them to be recognized, it's significant of something that is garbage and not art.
And it was while watching science fiction movies such as Terminator that I saw the sculpture I was making. The wall of Venilia comes from there; it is the passage from liquid to solid. It's morphing done at home! By making the dustbins, I thought of the Aliens. For me, science fiction is located in the garbage, it is an organic science fiction, not a technological one.”

Anita Molinero