Marcel Bascoulard

Sâr Dubnotal, CAC Brétigny (FR)

“Sâr Dubnotal” brings together a multiplicity of works of art, some of which were especially produced for the show. They include different mediums and artistic fields, as well as archival documents, historical works, and original reproductions. Conceived as a moment of research and work in progress “Sâr Dubnotal” incorporates several different timeframes and spaces. The show will also feature a booklet that will go over the historical and theoretical issues that are in play, while a daylong scholarly symposium1 will delve into the concept of disidentification, especially in its ties to esoteric and mystical fields; a research-action section will give rise to performances2 and workshops, notably at the Classe Préparatoire Arts Visuels Grand Paris Sud (Evry) and the Fleury-Mérogis detention center3; finally the CAC Review will provide a forum for the writing of certain researchers who are taking part in these reflections.

Curators: Damien Delille and Céline Poulin

March 21, 2020
on 190