Teren Alchemia

Based on an original idea by Pablo Tomek; text by Radouan Zeghidour; graphic designers: KELH; Edition CLASSIC Paris
Pablo Tomek, 2017
Color Book

Publisher: CLASSIC Paris

ISBN: 9791094709023

Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm

Pages: 160

Teren Alchemia (“Field Alchemy”) is the first monograph of French artist Pablo Tomek. Tomek is best known for his post-graffiti approach to art-making; he often slightly alters found materials (tires, discarded mattresses, manholes) by painting, or tagging, them to draw attention to artful moments in public space. His mark-making is minimal but expressive, usually taking the form of thick scribbles of bold colors. Published by Classic Paris, the book also includes a French and English introduction to his practice, as well as documentation of several of his détournement on Parisian streets.

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