Fabian Knecht - Radition
31. March – 28. May 2017

Kunstverein Arnsberg is pleased to present the solo Exhibition RADITION by Fabian Knecht from 31.3.2017 until 28.5.2017. Along with four works which will be shown at the Kunstverein, the work ‘ISOLATION (Dead Tree)’, in a part of forest near Arnsberg, will be accessible to the public during the opening on 31st March from 6pm until 9pm.


The title of the exhibition ‘RADITION’ is a variation of the German mathematical term ‘radizieren’ - ‘to square-root’, from the Latin ‘radix’ (root). The exhibition is structured through a metaphorical use of this neologism, referring to the themes of ‘uprooting’ and relocation in their many different forms and facets. The focus is on variations of what has now become the classical concept of the readymade, inverted and interpreted by Knecht, diversely and unusually positioned.



Mars 31, 2017