Art Basel I Unlimited 2022: w/ Anita MOLINERO

16 - 18 June 2022

" Its name is Vivasse 

Like a weed, she spreads.

It is a mutant, an "Alien".


The "arrogant polymer", tentacles that choke, that climb and it is only a trash can. "


Since 1995, the artist has been working with various plastics, which she considers a suitable commentary on our contemporary reality due to their (unwanted) longevity. She deforms and alienates the pre-fabricated plastic with the help of a flame thrower. Molinero is by no means interested in a moral admonition; rather, she delights in a monstrous language of forms that, in terms of volume, presence, and source material, always establishes a relationship between man (or rather woman) and machine. Thus it is not surprising when the artist cites her favorite films “Terminator”, “Alien”, and “Mad Max” as important references.


Anita Molinero (born in Floirac, FR, in 1953) lives and works in Paris. The artist has been the subject of major institutional exhibition, both abroad and in France: (upcoming) "Extrudia", a retrospective exhibition at Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris (FR), Spring 2022; Le 19, Crac – Centre régional d'art contemporain", Montbéliard (FR), 2019; Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR), 2018; Museo Ettore Fico, Turin (IT), 2015; Consortium, Dijon (FR) 2014; MAMCO Genève (CH), 2012 & 2006; FRAC Alsace, Sélestat (FR), 2009. In April 2015, she was awarded the Salomon Foundation residency prize in New York.