MILKSHAKE #3 is a continuation of MELKs series of solo presentations in their project space in Oslo, and group exhibitions in Norway and abroad. The exhibition presents the five artists; Linn Pedersen, Emil Salto, Espen Gleditsch, Ole Martin Lund Bø, and Hannah Whitaker - all working with non-narrative photography.

All the artists works with photography in different ways, and have different focuses within the image making process. Emil Salto is working within photography's fundamental building blocks, making his images without a camera - only using a darkroom, light sensitive paper and chemicals. Whitaker takes this process a bit further when constructing her complex 4x5'' images. Taking multiple exposures using a hand-made film slide she makes images that flirt with paintings and collages. Ole Martin Lund Bø¸, also a painter, is interested in photography's relation to other mediums. Through many of his recent projects Espen Gleditsch has been investigating black and white photography in relation to colour, and who it has changed the history we as a society has created. In Faded Remains the viewer is presented with a series of images of ancient greek sculptures that now is white, but originally was painted in a variety of colours. Directly on the frame glass there is gradient foil representing some of these colours, and through the glass Gleditsch' creates a "in-frame-collage". Linn Pedersen takes the photograph's presence in the gallery space even further with her wall-to-ceiling installation that is made in direct relation to her photographic material.

The exhibition is highlighting the importance of differentiating the image and the photograph, content and texture, observing and experiencing when dealing with camera based representation.

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Mars 2, 2018
sur 190