Paris Photo 2022: Make It Happen with: Stéphane COUTURIER, Marina GADONNEIX, Michel JOURNIAC, Masafumi MAITA, MAsaki NAKAYAMA, SMITH and Keiji UEMATSU.

Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris (France), 10 - 13 November 2022 
Stand B8
"Photography has very quickly emerged in the art world as a tool for escaping the usual forms of visual perception and questioning the real meaning of observation.

The «Make It Happen» project developed for Paris Photo 2022 is about the physical and mental perception we have of space. Marina Gadonneix and Stéphane Couturier use photography to think about space and what shapes it. Keiji Uematsu, Masaki Nakayama, Masafumi Maita focus our attention on the natural forces of gravity, tension and attraction to make visible the invisible relationships between objects and the spaces they inhabit. The project also includes works by Michel Journiac, whose body art questions non-specific spaces and whose photographic observation transforms performance into an object.

Each of these artists wants to «make visible existence and visible relationships more clearly visible; non-visible existence and non-visible relationships. And to make visible existence, visible connections and visible relations not appear».

Lastly, at the heart of our stand SMITH will present an immersive work specially created for Paris Photo in relation to the notion of perception. The first form of a future project, «Dami» is presented as a set of images, sounds and light. The term «Dami» is used by several peoples of the Western Amazon to designate the dizzying metamorphic figures that manifest themselves when ingesting Ayahuasca."

Audrey Bazin