Ceija Stojka (1933 – 2013) was an Austrian-Romani writer, painter, activist, and musician, and survivor of the Holocaust.
Over a thousand drawings and paintings, created over a time span of more than twenty years, constitute the pictorial work of Ceija Stojka.

Begun in the end of the 1980s, following  an important work of memory and writing initiated a few years earlier, the work is built around two major thematic and distinct axes. The first are the "light pictures", memories of happy times that preceded the war, depicting life in the wagons, family, markets and the celebration of a generous and lush nature. The second are the "dark pictures", showing oppression against the Roma under the Nazi regime, including arrest, atrocities, exterminations, survival and liberation. Ceija Stojka paints and draws the events of her life as her memories emerge.